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Hello! I'm Carey, your dedicated assistant at Graphic ReDesign®, a dynamic web design agency serving SAAS, B2C (Business-to-Consumer) and B2B (Business-to-Business) clients. Located in the heart of Orange County, Irvine, California, Graphic ReDesign specializes in crafting bespoke web solutions that align with the distinctive requirements and aspirations of your business, whether you're engaging consumers directly or dealing with other businesses.

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No content? No Problem.

It will be created for you.

A website design of a hygiene company shown on a mobile device.
A hygiene company's website shown in a grid format.
An image of a fully developed website that has just launched.
A website design of a hygiene company shown on a mobile device.
A fence installation website shown on mobile, tablet, and desktop devices.
A landscaper's website shown on three mobile devices.

Signature Services

Web Design

Crafting websites that authentically mirror a brand, resonate with an audience, and align seamlessly with strategic objectives is a specialty.

Web Maintenance

The website's monthly content updates are in expert hands, enabling focus on other crucial business needs.


Be assured, the website will stand out in search engine results and connect meaningfully with the intended audience.


The #1 service offered by Graphic ReDesign.

The process of choosing a web design company may seem straightforward, but it often proves more challenging than expected. To simplify this task, let's delve into a unique offering by Graphic ReDesign: Content Creation

Crafting your content.

Client's are not required to do any work!

When visitors access a website, their main objective is to gather information about the product or business. If nothing is provided by a client—this is no problem!

Graphic ReDesign excels in producing all necessary visual, textual, and legal content for the site.

A man plans by website drawing the layout on a glass surface.
A woman sitting at a desk thinking about which web design agency she wants to hire.

How to select the right web design agency? Research.

Examine their website!

When evaluating a web design firm, start by examining their company website. If their website isn't up to par, it's unlikely they can create an impressive one for your business. A well-designed website from them can be an indicator of their capabilities.

Review their portfolio!

Examine their previous work; does it appeal to you? Also, check for their company's mention in website footers. This let's you know if they understand the importance of backlinks.

Read their testimonials!

Seek out client testimonials or case studies to gauge customer satisfaction.

What Graphic Redesign offers

A Creative Agency
located in the city of Irvine, Orange County, CA

Carey D.—
Website Designer

This company has over 20 years of experience in graphic and web design.

One-Stop Shop—

Along with web design services, graphic design, retouching, and video editing services are also offered upon request.

Manage Your Own Website—

If updating the website personally is preferred, it can be set up accordingly.

World Class Service—

This company holds a 5-star rating on Google, reflecting a dedication to client satisfaction.

Fast Responses—

Inquiries are replied to promptly, and live chat is always available.

Free Consultation—

During the consultation, valuable insights will be shared, beneficial for the journey, regardless of hiring Graphic ReDesign for website building.


Prefer virtual consultations? Discover the advantages:

Personal Connection

Enjoy face-to-face interactions, allowing you to connect with your web designer on a more personal level.

Human communication encompasses various elements that collectively provide valuable insights into the person you're engaging with.

Website Design Feedback

In face-to-face consultations, clients can easily share their preferred and disliked website examples.

This visual exchange of ideas provides valuable insights, ensuring a more accurate understanding of the client's vision and a tailored approach to designing their website.

A screenshot of a video conference showing professionals discussing business strategies to enhance productivity and growth.
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Featured Clientele

World Class Web Design

A landscaper's website shown on three mobile devices.

Is a website the solution?

At times, clients present a problem they hope a website will solve. Upon examination, advice is provided regarding the best type of website for their needs or whether a website might not be the immediate solution at all. → Lets Talk!


Growing with your success.

Success is not just a milestone; it's a driving force. Thriving on seeing visions flourish in the digital realm is paramount, and efforts continue until satisfaction with the results is achieved.

A pair of professionals diligently coding on a computer, implementing a website design with seamless functionality.

Exceptional Expertise

A professional web designer offers top-tier expertise, turning your vision into a high-quality digital reality, with a commitment to excellence that sets them apart in web design.

Professionals working together on a design project, utilizing a design board to strategize.

Customized Solutions

Prioritizing open communication and dedication to excellence, a professional web designer provides personalized, tailored solutions that resonate with your audience and help you achieve your online goals.

A diverse team of professionals collaboratively working with a client at a table, utilizing a tablet for efficient communication and project management.

Long-Term Partnership

Beyond the project's completion, a professional web designer becomes a reliable partner, offering ongoing support and updates, responding to client feedback, and ensuring your online presence remains effective and adaptable.

When a savvy business owner and a creative web designer meet, great things happen.
Carey D.—
Web Designer
A business owner and a web designer having a productive discussion over a table.